APAC ShowMX HD-5 Review

When you are looking for a bright LED projector that will give you a big image in a small area, the APAC ShowMX HD-5 may be for you. This projector gives you high definition images for your presentations, movies or gaming. Read what else the APAC can do for you below.

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This item is sold on Amazon for about $450 and it earned 4.5 stars from Amazon reviewers. It has been on the market at Amazon since March 2013.

For those who travel on business and want to watch videos or listen to music can use this projector practically anywhere. It is perfect for using it at home during family gatherings or by yourself. It offers the capability to use in various formats.

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Lightweight and easy to use
High Quality Viewing
Not 3D capable
The main features for this projector is its compact size, its contrast of color, and image quality. An additional feature is its LED lamp and its ability to be directly connected to a computer, smart phone, Blue Ray, and game systems. It offers a 75 inch image in six feet and it has a portable shot throw ratio of 1.23 to 1. If offers high resolution at 1280 by 800.

It is considered easy to use and offers high quality viewing. This will work well for anyone that is looking to take the projector on the road and you can use the short throw capability to what movies in a small space.

Additional features include its HDMI, VGA, and USB terminal ports, its built in 2 by 2W speakers, and its capability of watching 3D movies.

This item is highly recommended by reviewers as it offers high quality videos and photos with vibrant colors along with it being easy to use. Its compact size is an advantage over many other projectors especially if you are traveling with this item.

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