Favi Entertainment RioHD-LED-3 Review

This unit sells for around $200 at Amazon.com and has earned 3.5 stars from reviewers. It has been available since August 2012.

For LED technology and the best in resolution, this projector is ideal for business and home use. It is compact in size which makes it great for taking on the road or setting up for that outdoor movie night.

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Multi-media usage (Blu-Ray, Laptops, Gaming Consoles)
Built in speakers
Fan be noisy
Can only be controlled by the remote
The main feature of this projector is the LED technology that offers five times the brightness in colors than standard LED projectors. An additional feature has an integrated media player that allows for the best in viewing and sound. It has 400 lumens and a maximum image size of 150 inches. It also has a resolution of 800 by 600. There is no warm up needed to get started and it has a lamp life of 20,000 hours or 14 years at four hours a day. This reduces operating costs.

Additional features include having HDMI that supports 1080p and 720p with 16:9 ratio. It has a slightly larger size than handheld projectors, but it is still small in size and capable of being placed in a laptop case for easy mobility. There is a remote control that comes with this projector to make it easier to operate from a a distance. You also get built in speakers.

This projector is highly recommended by consumers as they love the compact size and its portability, its capability of multi media usage with an AV, VGA, S-video, USB drive, and RCA audio outlets.

When it comes to an inexpensive, portable projector, the FAVI RioHD-3 should meet your needs. Its resolution and other features make this a favorite among consumers.

Optoma HD 131Xe Review

When you are looking out for a 3D projector that will work well in you home theater or gaming center, the Optoma HD131Xe may be for you. With its native high definition, decent brightness and economical price, it is truly one of the best projectors on the market. Read on to see what the Optoma can do for you.

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This Optoma has been available at Amazon.com since July 2013. You can pick it up for about $760 and it received 4.5 stars from over 20 Amazon reviewers.

For the homeowner that wants a large screen to watch movies that are 2D or 3D and wants to view pictures of high quality can choose the Optoma projector to have the best results. Its compact size make it easy to take it on trips or use for a meeting.

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Multi-media usage (Blu-Ray, Laptops, Gaming Consoles)
3D Capable
Color brightness diminishes when in 3D mode
The main feature of this projector is the ability to watch 3D movies or games with high image quality. All you need to do is hook it up to a 3D media player and wear active shutter 3D-RF glasses (sold separately) and you are in a larger than life viewing experience. It uses DLP technology to provide vibrant colors and the 18000:1 contrast ratio gives you a decent quality image. Add in the 2500 lumens or brightness and you can use this projector in just about any lighted conditon.

You can use the Optoma HD-131Xe to display in native 1080p high definition. With its various connection ports of HDMI, VGA-in, two audio in and audio out, and an USB port you will be able to hook it up to just about any media device. You will be able to use the Optoma in various size rooms as its projection distance of 4 feet to 33 feet. All of these features makes it a good choice for home theater, meeting room or conference room.

Its ability to use less than one watt of power when in standby means that it will save you money as well as be better for the environment. Additionally, it will use limited energy with an automatic shut down when not in use. This projector comes with a remote control that allows you to operate it without pressing buttons.

The Optoma HD 131Xe is recommended as it is lightweight, at six pounds, and easy to carry around from one place to another. You can play video games, watch movies, and view pictures all in high image quality, and it saves energy, making it one of the most environmentally friendly projectors on the market.


With technology today, you can watch your favorite movies and sport events or play on your gaming console on the big screen. When you have a smaller room, you will need a projector that will give you a big picture in a short distance (short throw projectors). If you want a projector that works in 2D or 3D in 720p HD, the BenQ W770ST may be for you. Here is a review of the capability of this short throw projector.

The BenQ W770ST has been for sale on Amazon.com since May 2013. This item is available for about $550 and it received 4.5 stars from reviewers to rank as one of the favorite projectors to buy. This projector is ideal for small areas to display movies or pictures. It has a short throw distance with a large picture with high quality. If you choose to use various formats of medias this is an ideal choice.

benq w770st 01Other features include its remote control that allows you to operate the machine a distance, its eco-friendly ability as it turns itself off after sitting for over three minutes when not in use, and a lamp life of 6500 hours which uses 70 percent less power than traditional projectors.

The main feature of this projector is its 3D capability in full HD. It can be operated through Blu-Ray along with PC, game consoles, and a DVD player with the use of one cable. It has a convenient HDMI interface that delivers a smooth digital sound and signal. Combine that It has a contrast ratio of 13000:1 and a native resolution of 720p you get a decent picture to watch your favorite videos in larger than life experience.

With less power and longer lamp life, you reduce our power consumption and maintenance. This ultimately reduces your operation costs allowing you to enjoy your video experience without worrying about the costs.


Multi-media usage (Blu-Ray, Laptops, Gaming Consoles)
3D Capable

720p image quality
May not be useful in large rooms
An additional feature is that with its short throw capability it prevents shadows and offers bright lighting without the concern of interference when watching during daylight. You can get a screen size of over 60 inches when the projector is just 39 inches from the wall. This allows you to be behind the projector and out of its beam path.

The BenQ W770ST is highly recommended by consumers as they love its quality of color, its ability to watch 2D and 3D movies and other types of media, and its user manual CD that offers instructions that allows you to easily set up and use the machine. There is a quick starting guide and a DLP engine that prevents color decay.


APAC ShowMX HD-5 Review

When you are looking for a bright LED projector that will give you a big image in a small area, the APAC ShowMX HD-5 may be for you. This projector gives you high definition images for your presentations, movies or gaming. Read what else the APAC can do for you below.

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This item is sold on Amazon for about $450 and it earned 4.5 stars from Amazon reviewers. It has been on the market at Amazon since March 2013.

For those who travel on business and want to watch videos or listen to music can use this projector practically anywhere. It is perfect for using it at home during family gatherings or by yourself. It offers the capability to use in various formats.

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Lightweight and easy to use
High Quality Viewing
Not 3D capable
The main features for this projector is its compact size, its contrast of color, and image quality. An additional feature is its LED lamp and its ability to be directly connected to a computer, smart phone, Blue Ray, and game systems. It offers a 75 inch image in six feet and it has a portable shot throw ratio of 1.23 to 1. If offers high resolution at 1280 by 800.

It is considered easy to use and offers high quality viewing. This will work well for anyone that is looking to take the projector on the road and you can use the short throw capability to what movies in a small space.

Additional features include its HDMI, VGA, and USB terminal ports, its built in 2 by 2W speakers, and its capability of watching 3D movies.

This item is highly recommended by reviewers as it offers high quality videos and photos with vibrant colors along with it being easy to use. Its compact size is an advantage over many other projectors especially if you are traveling with this item.

Home Theater Projector Reviews

Home Theater Projector Reviews, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
Home Theater Projector Reviews introHome theater projector reviews are a pleasure to read, informative and ultimately educational. Aside from outlining the features of a product, they also give honest assessment of how home theater projectors perform vis-a-vis each other.

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Be sure to check out reliable and reputable sources for those home theater projector reviews that you may find online. This can help you make sure you are armed with enough know-how, no matter how basic, before you trudge to the store or pay at the check-out counter of an online store.

To make things a bit easier for you, we have come up with what we hope can be one of the most trustworthy home theater projector reviews this side of the world wide web.

Best Low-Cost Projector with High Brightness

Home Theater Projector Reviews 1The InFocus IN112 Projector is compact and lightweight, making it quite easy to move around and set-up. It has one of the longest-lasting lamps in the market today and comes with an affordable price that’s definitely hard to beat. With no filters to replace, the InFocus IN112 Portable DLP Projector is practical and worth all the savings from the get-go. Why?

You can save money on whatever energy you save through this product’s eco-mode, which is an energy-saving setting that makes the projector perfect for low ambient lighting. The average life of the lamp extends to 6,000 hours in Eco-Mode and 5,000 hours in normal mode. It weighs just 4.6 pounds and measures 2.7 inches tall, pretty compact for all that projecting power. The 5-year limited warranty and 2-year full warranty on parts and labor pretty much cover the practicality aspect of buying this product.

You can get brilliant images rendered in excellent full color. The InFocus IN112 Portable DLP Projector is 3D ready and provides multiple inputs for PC technology including 2 jacks for VGA, a USB Mini input, Composite Video input, S-Video or 3.5 mm stereo input and RS232C. What can turn people off is the lack of a lens cap for storage and the initial adjustments that need to be made before this product gets to be user-ready.

Best HD Projector for Home Entertainment

Home Theater Projector Reviews 2

The Optoma HD25-LV, HD Projector delivers peerless image clarity so movie lovers and gamers can experience full entertainment at its finest. Get unsurpassed color quality with 1080p videos rendered in exact detail. Games become more exciting while images become more vibrant in color and quality, rendered in 3D glory where applicable for that immersive experience that’s quite hard to ignore.

Let your 3D Blu-ray player weave its magic with the Optoma HD25-LV, as well as other portable peripherals such as your PS3, your Xbox or other gaming consoles. All HDMI 1.4a 3D formats are supported by this fully high-def 1080p projector. The bright 3200-Ansi lumens projector is terrific for home theater applications.

There is also a powerful 20,000:1 contrast ratio that enables the Optoma HD25-LV to easily project vivid, crystal-clear images. For totally huge screen enjoyment, optimize this product’s full 301-inch screen size.The built-in stereo speaker is good at 16 watts. The built-in fan of the projector can be a bit noisy in very quiet scenes, but users do not find this a big deal to be disappointed about.

Top-Rated Projector for Business and Educational Use

Home Theater Projector Reviews 3The Epson PowerLite 1761W Projector is lightweight and mega-portable with a 720p widescreen 3LCD technology, maximum of 2600 lumens for white light output and the same lumens power for color light output. It is wireless, compatible to a large number of applications, and is very easy to set-up.

The 3LCD 3-chip technology makes it possible for the Epson PowerLite 1761W projector to deliver incredibly brighter colors. Content can be controlled effortlessly from a portable device with the revolutionary EPSON iProjection Application using the wireless LAN module. The system automatically performs vertical keystone correction and requires no cool-down time for easier shut down procedure.

It also has a Sleep Mode so you can save energy when you are not projecting anything or the Audio-visual Mute Slide is closed. Movable scenes and videos tend to be rendered sluggish or choppy at times, and this can be a negative for the Epson PowerLite 1761W Projector, along with the absence of an audio output for home theater purposes.

The best way to know if you are getting what you are looking for is to read the consumer’s reviews. These give you a good indication of what the product can and cannot do. These are some of the best projectors for home theater for you to choose.


Hey, if your search for the best portable projector has been a pretty difficult task, then think again. There is a huge selection of portable projectors on the market. If you are one of the more discerning types, you will probably be looking out for lumens or light output (both color and white light) and contrast ratios.

Check out the best portable projectors on Amazon.com, click here

Yes, those are primary factors to consider. However, you should not consider each one of these factors individually. You also need to think about how the product is packaged to carry all of these factors together. A portable projector can seem a more sensible approach to enjoying entertainment at home or making educational and business presentations more exciting and interesting.

Find out if you agree with this review on what might qualify as the best portable projector you can get on the market today.


The LG Electronics PA75U Slim LED Projector with WiDi and Smart TV allows you to enjoy what the web has to offer. The magic remote lets you move around all your options with a simple click, hand movement or scroll up or down. The digital tuner onboard lets you watch TV content without need of an external high-definition TV receiver console.

Best Portable Projector1There is even the thoughtful addition of an antenna. With the LG Electronics PA75U, you can easily share content between wireless digital devices such as a WiDi PC, a tablet or a laptop. This means you do not have to be crowding around a small screen just to enjoy specific content, which is just perfect for group presentations. Pictures are shown in stunning LED clarity and hues, which also result to less motion blur for action videos.

The LED lamp has a surprisingly long life of a maximum of 30,000 hours, equivalent to 20 years. The resolution offered by the LG Electronics PA75U is exceptional at 1280 x 800, so you can confidently view vivid details and brighter colors. Enjoy movie playbacks and photo views via the USB and HD DIVX jacks. For people who prefer less clutter via a single remote, this might not be a good product to get.


The Panasonic PTAE8000U delivers up to 2400 lumens of brightness. Its contrast ratio is incredible at 500,000:1. The revolutionary 220-watt Red Rich Lamp has been designed by Panasonic to offer superbly vivid red intensity for projection of sharp, clear images aside from compelling color accuracy.

You can notice the deepest dark colors thanks to Panasonic’s Pure Contrast Plates, all the more made electrifying by the LCD panel characteristics.

Best Portable Projector 2The Panasonic PTAE8000U eliminates color bleeding due to this exceptional quality. The product is further boosted by the 3D Picture Balance features and the novel 3D Viewing Monitor.

There are 3 HDMI input jacks for greater flexibility with x.v. Color and Deep Color. There is also a pair of 12-volt Triggers so you can easily integrate other home theater devices, including movable screens and lighting systems.The 3D conversion may not be all that outstanding, but this machine still packs quite a punch for the money you buy it with.


The Mitsubishi HC4000 is designed to be a filter-free projector. This means you simply use the product without worrying about too much maintenance for the longer term. The projected lifespan of the hardworking lamp is pegged at 5,000 hours.

The Mitsubishi HC4000 has a built-in super-quiet fan that tips the decibel scale at a mere 25 db for reliable cooling efficiency minus the distracting noise. It offers a massive 300 inches of movie, sports, shows and games enjoyment projected right on a smooth, flat wall.

Best Portable Projector 3Mitsubishi has apparently perfected precision glass lens manufacturing with this product. The Mitsubishi HC4000 also offers Mitsubishi’s patented picture processing ability for delivery of high-fidelity images rendered in huge, clear detail. Get vibrant colors plus a 2-year guarantee on the Mitsubishi HC4000.

Being a front projector, the product can not be that easily adjusted for overhead viewing. The “rainbow effect” because of the product’s 6x color wheel scheme can also be a challenge to overcome.

You can still get the best portable projector if you do the necessary online search. Hope always springs eternal, remember!


Interested in getting a projector for the ultimate home theater experience, and want to get the best possible projector for your money? Who doesn’t?

Getting the best deal while still getting a great product can be tough, but with Amazon.com and some great reviews and features, you can take the guess work out of buying a projector.

Just check out the models below, decide on which one is best for you based on your budget and desired features, and check them out on Amazon.com.


At about $350, the Epson VS220 gets an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com. It boasts delightful features along with one of the world’s leading names in picture and imaging technology.

This particular model offers up three times brighter colors with Epson’s extremely high standard of quality. They offer up true-to-life color, and a whopping 2,700 lumens of brightness not just in color but in white brightness as well, giving you the best, richest color and clarity possible.

TV Projector Reviews

It comes complete with multiple input options so that you can hook it up to any of your favorite devices and use your media right. With audio, s-video, types a and b USB (complete with plug ‘n play), computer, and HDMI input options, it is a versatile, enjoyable device.

Reviewers really loved the quality of images this little projector put out. They loved that it had a compact size, many different inputs, great 3-LCD projection, that it had a great price, and also said it was very easy to set up. An all around good projector.


With 4.8 out of 5 stars, you really can’t go wrong with the ViewSonic PJD5134, and the price is just right, too. At $440, this multitasking masterpiece is sure to kick your movies, games, and presentations up to a whole new level.

With 3-D Blu-ray ready technology via DLP (the same company that is used in theaters), a vertical keystone correction, additional zoom lens on the machine, and a high lumen count (3,000 lumens color and white each), this is one projector that you really can’t go wrong with. It comes with a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, and gives you the best, brightest, clearest picture.

ViewSonic PJD5134 SVGA DLP Projectorwith 3D Blu-Ray Ready, Integrated Speaker and Dynamic ECO (Black)

This model also comes with input sources for HDMI, computer, composite, USB mini, S-video and more to help you connect to all of your media. The lamps are long life rated for up to 10,000 hours worth of viewing time and it includes an eco-mode for power saving, lamp saving energy reduction without compromising your media quality.

Reviewers love this model for its amazing picture quality for movies and games, they said the immersion into 3-D media was astronomically better than with 3-D televisions, thought it was easy to use, and said it worked great indoors and out in almost any lighting.


For just around $200 with 3.7 out of 5 stars, reviewers loved the Digital Galaxy DG-737 for its great price, impressive picture quality, super easy set up, high resolution, and more. They thought it was great with their Blu-ray players and games alike, and they loved that it was so easy to adjust the picture size and mount it anywhere in the room.

Digital Galaxy DG-737 Dream Land HDMI

This particular model boasts a large five inch LCD lamp with an average of 5,000 hours of use. It goes up to a 150 inch diagonal image and includes two built in speakers. Its vertical keystone correction can correct up to 15 degrees, and is fully HD capable.

Its input options include VGA, Video, Audio, S-Video, HDMI, and more, making it ideal for all of your media needs whether it’s for gaming, movie watching, or presentations. This is a portable model with a light weight and decent size.


Another “personal size” smaller model, the Optoma PT110 boasts 3.7 out of 5 stars and goes for just over $100! Super affordable, this one still packs in plenty of features for the money.

It is an LED projector, giving you more output for less environmental impact, it is eco-friendly and a LED lamp can last around 20,000 hours of use. It boasts maintenance free LED technology coupled with DLP imaging technology to really give you the best picture for your money.

Optoma PT110 (B0090E23O8)

This particular model includes inputs for composite, HDMI, PC in, and Stereo RCA audio in. It can throw up to a 140 inch screen size without sacrificing in quality much, and is super portable.

Reviewers love this model for its ease of use, compact size, amazing picture quality (even in a moderately lit room!), that it is fairly quiet, and uses little power. They also loved its manual focus option.


At under $200 and with 3.3 stars, the FAVI RioHD-LED-2 works perfectly for on the go jobs as well as in home media experiences. The FAVI RioHD is literally the size of some people’s hands, and uses LED lamps that are, on average, about five times as bright as standard projector lights, and last up to 20,000 hours (about 4 hours a day every day for 14 years!).


This tiny model may weigh only about 3 pounds, but it supports an extra large picture, even in 1080p HD. It offers up inputs for HDMI, composite, S-Video, VGA, and more, and comes with built in mini speakers to let you have one less thing to carry around with you while taking this travelling.

Reviewers adored this tiny little model, saying it worked perfectly for their needs, it was very easy to set up, adjust, and take with them. They also said that, for the price, it had an amazingly high quality to go along with it.

So whether you need a good stay at home projector for hard core movie nights or prefer to take your movies, games, and presentations on the go, there’s an absolutely amazing projector that is just waiting to fulfill your needs.


Reading up on portable projector reviews can be extremely helpful to those thinking of purchasing a TV projector to beef up their home theater system, business presentations or classroom discussions.

Click here to find top rated projectors at Amazon.com

Portable projector reviews, the good ones at least, should show the product’s virtues and liabilities in order to be as objective as possible. It’s not only about how specific the features are, but also about how products perform for the longer term. If you make it a habit to check out portable projector reviews, you may be able to make better decisions on what you buy.


Portable Projector Reviews 1The Optoma HD131Xe boasts of being green by design because of its eco-friendly factor: it uses just a single watt of power when in standby mode, which amounts to 75% savings when taken side-by-side with normal standby modes of other such equipment. It is able to capture 3D content in superb detail via HDMI formats that include top-and-bottom, side-by-side and frame packing for facilitation of integration with external devices.

DLP technology is sure to be of cutting-edge quality with the Optoma HD131Xe’s multi-color and one-of-a-kind processing system for truly faithful contrast ratios, clean and sharp text and compelling images. Count on the device’s 1080p resolution to deliver exceptional picture quality and home theater performance via a LED light source that can last for the lifetime of the Optoma HD131Xe. Get yourself into the game or whatever movie you have on with this product’s full compatibility to 3D formats. You will love how the Optoma HD131Xe helps you limit your energy consumption via its auto-shutdown function, remote management and control.

It is made of durable, lasting materials and components, thus limiting harm to the environment. The printed circuitry boards do not contain lead and the packing materials contain no polysterene foam, both ensuring that every purchase of the product is sure to pass all Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives and standards to eradicate usage of hazardous materials. It needs to be fixed at a certain angle, however, which is a limiting factor on flexibility. The single user setting can also be a bother to tweak on a regular basis.


Portable Projector Reviews 2

The Epson V11H584220 aims to be everyone’s choice for a home theater projector. It can give 2600 lumens of color brightness and the same size of white light output.

Boosted by Epson’s 3-chip, triple LCD technology, the Epson V11H584220 is able to project true-to-life and faithful images that are as brilliant and captivating as what they represent.

Image adjustment tools are completely built-in for ready control. Hook the device up to basically anything via the HDMI connectivity. Even a blank wall can get transformed instantly to a blaze of colorful images from a streaming box, a game console, a Blu-ray player or simply anything.

Get thrice the intensity of color vividness. The built-in speakers do not deliver outstanding sonic quality, however, which might be a real letdown.


Portable Projector Reviews 3The HDMI Pocket Projector by Brookstone lets you enjoy big entertainment in a diminutive projector. It is a nearly pocket-sized projector built with powerful features. It delivers unbelievable 1080p images that can measure up to 60 inches diagonally. That’s five feet of intense, clear and crisp picture that you can get with any HDMI-compatible device such as your tablet, Smartphone, laptop or desktop PC, camera, video player or any other portable device.

The blinding LED lamp releases up to 85 lumens when charged fully at 2 hours max. Its rechargeable 3800mAh battery can also work as a USB reserve battery to power your other portable devices.

In the box is a 3-foot HDMI cable plus Mini- and Micro-HDMI adapters and an AC adapter. What can be downers for the HDMI Pocket Projector by Brookstone are the oh-too-short HDMI cable, the absence of zoom and keystones controls, lack of a remote and the focus wheel being a tad sensitive.

Still looking?

Vigrand Multimedia Mini Portable Game Projector Review

Vigrand Multimedia Mini Portable Game Projector Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
If you are looking for a projector that is easy to move and inexpensive the Vigrand Multimedia Mini projector may be for you. This projector is one of the most inexpensive models you can buy so it is good as a starter or something for the kids. Read the review below for more information.

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Optoma GT760 Review
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This item is sold online at Amazon for about $70 and received 4 stars from Amazon reviewers. It has been available since April 2013.

Anyone interested in listening to music or watching videos at home or at a friend’s home can take this projector practically anywhere. This is a budget model that is inexpensive and therefore great for the kids playroom or bedroom.

Click here to see what others are saying…

Inexpensive Price
Multimedia Usage
Longer load time for video
Picture quality may not be as good as more expensive models
Its main feature is a remote control that allows you to operate the machine without touching it. An additional feature is its VGA interface that allows you to connect the projector directly to a computer along with connecting it to your ipad or iphone if needed. Additional features include its dual ventilation holes, its LED lighting LCD, and portability. It needs a power supply of 12 volts and it has a three in one AV input. Its aspect ratio is 4 to 3 and its resolution is 320 by 240.

This projector is ideal for those who want good quality in their video and picture viewing. If you want to listen to music you can also use this projector to hear it. Reviewers loved how easy it was to use this item, its inexpensive price, and its portability.

The projector screen size is 10 by 45 inches.

This unique projector from Vigrand offers multiple ways to view videos and pictures as well as listen to music. It is ideal for gatherings or to watch alone. If you use an iPhone, iPad, or want to connect the projector directly to a computer, this unit is capable of doing so.


if you are looking for an all purpose projector at a reasonable price, the IncrediSonic VUE may be for you. This projector is high definition and 3D ready making it good for movies, gaming or presentations. Read below for a more detailed review.

This item is sold online through Amazon for about $450 and has been available since July 2013. It received a perfect rating of 5 stars from more than 10 Amazon reviewers.

The IncrediSonic will work well for the home theater enthusiast or gamer with its high definition resolution and 3D capability. This will let you watch you videos or play you games in larger than life images.

The best feature of the IncrediSonic is its ability to display high definition of 3D movies. It also has the ability to convert from 2D to 3D with its 3D HD ready technology. This means that you will be able to watch all your movies in 3D format.

To give you a good picture, it is capable of 1280×800 pixels which is a resolution of 1080p; true high definition. Add in the 400 lumens, from brightness from its LED lamp, and a image size up to 120 inches, you will be having that big screen experience in your home, RV or even hotel room.

To make set up easy it has USB “Plug ‘n Play” connectivity. Just plug it into our computer or laptop and you are ready to go, making this good for when you are on the road. It also has other inputs like HDMI, TF card reader, and VGA so you can run just about any media device. This means that you will be able to play your favorite games from your gaming console, watch movies from your Blu-ray or other video device or share you latest vacation with your neighbors easily.


Multi-media usage (Blu-Ray, Laptops, Gaming Consoles)
3D Capable

Doesn’t come with 3D glasses or accessories.
As a pico projector, it comes in at under a pound in weight making it easy to transport. It also has a built in speaker and auto keystone capability allowing you to set it up on the road or outside for nice outdoor movie experience.

If you present professional presentations and want to use a large screen to watch movies and play games then the IncrediSonic PMJ-400 is the perfect match for you. You can watch 2D and 3D movies and the kids can play their video games on a large screen to make it more life like.