With technology today, you can watch your favorite movies and sport events or play on your gaming console on the big screen. When you have a smaller room, you will need a projector that will give you a big picture in a short distance (short throw projectors). If you want a projector that works in 2D or 3D in 720p HD, the BenQ W770ST may be for you. Here is a review of the capability of this short throw projector.

The BenQ W770ST has been for sale on since May 2013. This item is available for about $550 and it received 4.5 stars from reviewers to rank as one of the favorite projectors to buy. This projector is ideal for small areas to display movies or pictures. It has a short throw distance with a large picture with high quality. If you choose to use various formats of medias this is an ideal choice.

benq w770st 01Other features include its remote control that allows you to operate the machine a distance, its eco-friendly ability as it turns itself off after sitting for over three minutes when not in use, and a lamp life of 6500 hours which uses 70 percent less power than traditional projectors.

The main feature of this projector is its 3D capability in full HD. It can be operated through Blu-Ray along with PC, game consoles, and a DVD player with the use of one cable. It has a convenient HDMI interface that delivers a smooth digital sound and signal. Combine that It has a contrast ratio of 13000:1 and a native resolution of 720p you get a decent picture to watch your favorite videos in larger than life experience.

With less power and longer lamp life, you reduce our power consumption and maintenance. This ultimately reduces your operation costs allowing you to enjoy your video experience without worrying about the costs.


Multi-media usage (Blu-Ray, Laptops, Gaming Consoles)
3D Capable

720p image quality
May not be useful in large rooms
An additional feature is that with its short throw capability it prevents shadows and offers bright lighting without the concern of interference when watching during daylight. You can get a screen size of over 60 inches when the projector is just 39 inches from the wall. This allows you to be behind the projector and out of its beam path.

The BenQ W770ST is highly recommended by consumers as they love its quality of color, its ability to watch 2D and 3D movies and other types of media, and its user manual CD that offers instructions that allows you to easily set up and use the machine. There is a quick starting guide and a DLP engine that prevents color decay.


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