Hey, if your search for the best portable projector has been a pretty difficult task, then think again. There is a huge selection of portable projectors on the market. If you are one of the more discerning types, you will probably be looking out for lumens or light output (both color and white light) and contrast ratios.

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Yes, those are primary factors to consider. However, you should not consider each one of these factors individually. You also need to think about how the product is packaged to carry all of these factors together. A portable projector can seem a more sensible approach to enjoying entertainment at home or making educational and business presentations more exciting and interesting.

Find out if you agree with this review on what might qualify as the best portable projector you can get on the market today.


The LG Electronics PA75U Slim LED Projector with WiDi and Smart TV allows you to enjoy what the web has to offer. The magic remote lets you move around all your options with a simple click, hand movement or scroll up or down. The digital tuner onboard lets you watch TV content without need of an external high-definition TV receiver console.

Best Portable Projector1There is even the thoughtful addition of an antenna. With the LG Electronics PA75U, you can easily share content between wireless digital devices such as a WiDi PC, a tablet or a laptop. This means you do not have to be crowding around a small screen just to enjoy specific content, which is just perfect for group presentations. Pictures are shown in stunning LED clarity and hues, which also result to less motion blur for action videos.

The LED lamp has a surprisingly long life of a maximum of 30,000 hours, equivalent to 20 years. The resolution offered by the LG Electronics PA75U is exceptional at 1280 x 800, so you can confidently view vivid details and brighter colors. Enjoy movie playbacks and photo views via the USB and HD DIVX jacks. For people who prefer less clutter via a single remote, this might not be a good product to get.


The Panasonic PTAE8000U delivers up to 2400 lumens of brightness. Its contrast ratio is incredible at 500,000:1. The revolutionary 220-watt Red Rich Lamp has been designed by Panasonic to offer superbly vivid red intensity for projection of sharp, clear images aside from compelling color accuracy.

You can notice the deepest dark colors thanks to Panasonic’s Pure Contrast Plates, all the more made electrifying by the LCD panel characteristics.

Best Portable Projector 2The Panasonic PTAE8000U eliminates color bleeding due to this exceptional quality. The product is further boosted by the 3D Picture Balance features and the novel 3D Viewing Monitor.

There are 3 HDMI input jacks for greater flexibility with x.v. Color and Deep Color. There is also a pair of 12-volt Triggers so you can easily integrate other home theater devices, including movable screens and lighting systems.The 3D conversion may not be all that outstanding, but this machine still packs quite a punch for the money you buy it with.


The Mitsubishi HC4000 is designed to be a filter-free projector. This means you simply use the product without worrying about too much maintenance for the longer term. The projected lifespan of the hardworking lamp is pegged at 5,000 hours.

The Mitsubishi HC4000 has a built-in super-quiet fan that tips the decibel scale at a mere 25 db for reliable cooling efficiency minus the distracting noise. It offers a massive 300 inches of movie, sports, shows and games enjoyment projected right on a smooth, flat wall.

Best Portable Projector 3Mitsubishi has apparently perfected precision glass lens manufacturing with this product. The Mitsubishi HC4000 also offers Mitsubishi’s patented picture processing ability for delivery of high-fidelity images rendered in huge, clear detail. Get vibrant colors plus a 2-year guarantee on the Mitsubishi HC4000.

Being a front projector, the product can not be that easily adjusted for overhead viewing. The “rainbow effect” because of the product’s 6x color wheel scheme can also be a challenge to overcome.

You can still get the best portable projector if you do the necessary online search. Hope always springs eternal, remember!

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