Best Projector for Outdoor Movies in 2013

Best Projector for Outdoor Movies in 2013, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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best projector for outdoor movies - introWith warmer days ahead, ditch the stuffy old movie theater, and forget sitting inside all day watching movies on a small screen.  Grab some popcorn, a few friends, and head out to the lawn or the park for a movie instead!

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A projector is no longer the thing classroom students fear, but an excellent entertainment tool that is perfect for indoor and outdoor gatherings alike – have a movie night by setting up a sheet against a wall or hang it on a line to watch movies outside.

Of course, having a great outdoor projector also helps.  You can find many different brands from many different price ranges, but the ones below have all been given amazing reviews many times over.  You can’t go wrong checking out the models below, and has them all ready and waiting to ship to you.

Epson VS220

best projector for outdoor movies - epsonAt 4.3 out of 5 stars, reviewers loved the Epson VS220 projector for their outdoor movie activities for many reasons, not the least of which was its price.  It is currently going for just under $310 USD on

It boasts Epson’s three times brighter colors with their 3LCD technology, using both high color and high white brightness to bring you the clearest, most visible projection possible, making it easier to see outdoors where you may not be able to control the ambient light.

This model is also energy efficient and comes with HDMI, USB and other hookups with plug ‘n play.  It features a lightweight design for moving around easily, and also includes a vertical image correction, so your image adjusts to look just right on your screen from any height .

Reviewers loved this model for its easy setup, easy use, great hookups for multiple media sources, and amazing picture.  They loved how well it worked right out of the box, and for years after, saying it was an affordable, versatile machine.

3M Streaming Projector

best projector for outdoor movies - 3mDon’t be fooled by it’s small size, this 3M Projector still puts out just the right size picture for your outdoor extravaganzas.  At about $220, this tiny little machine can put out up to a 120 inch screen with crisp clarity, and it earned itself 4.3 out of 5 stars from reviewers on Amazon.

The reviewers loved it, stating that they were amazed by the picture quality that came out of such an unassuming machine.  They also liked that it had built in sound, that it was highly portable, HDMI capable, hooks up easily to tablets, laptops, and desktop computers of all kinds.  They hail it as a handy little projector, perfect for the outdoor occasional movie night, and more.

This super compact little model also includes a Roku streaming stick, great for connecting wirelessly and streaming multiple movie sources with ease.  Its large screen combined with HD capabilities really brings movie night to you in an easy, affordable, portable package.

Epson MovieMate

best projector for outdoor movies - moviemateA little more pricey but well worth every penny, the Epson MovieMate boasts a 4.8 star rating, HD resolution, widescreen movie viewing.  It runs around $780 on, and according to the reviews, this is one amazing machine.

Even working well in brighter rooms, it boasts an amazing color and white brightness ratio perfect for taking outside before dark to start movie night early.  This particular model also has a built-in DVD player.  It also connects to anything with an HDMI cable, as well as other connection options, so you can use it with any of your media players, even gaming consoles.  It also has an extra large projection size (up to 480 inch screen).

Reviewers were amazed not just by its great projecting capabilities, but at how well it worked outdoors in any light.  They loved its portability, ease of use, ease of setup, and how convenient the built in DVD player is.

BenQ W1070

best projector for outdoor movies - benqFor under $950, the BenQ W1070 offers up 4.6 stars worth of amazing entertainment possibilities.  It includes quite a few impressive creature comforts and outstanding reviews.

Not only is this a more eco-friendly model, it also plays 3D, optimized and customizable calibration for indoor, outdoor, night, and daytime modes, and more.  With multiple hookups, you can watch your DVD movies, play games, and plug in your Blu-ray for 3D viewing on any size screen, in any condition (indoor/outdoor), and more.  It also has built in speakers that are nothing to sneeze at.

Reviewers loved this one for what counts the most – its amazing picture capabilities!  Many reviewers recommended spending the extra money on this one if you had it, because there isn’t really a way to go wrong with it.  They loved the picture of it, the small projector size, amazing picture clarity, high performance, and much more.

Epson Presenter

best projector for outdoor movies - powerliteWith 4.3 out of 5 stars and running around $730, this Epson PowerLite Presenter comes with several amazing features and creature comforts, plug ‘n play with multiple sources, an excellent picture quality, and more.

Reviewers loved it most for its ease of use, ease of setup, great picture quality, portability, and more.  Some reviewers called it the greatest all-in-one projector out there, great for multiple purposes, but they also loved that they could carry it outside and get an amazing, clear movie picture for their outdoor movie nights.

This projector features plug ins for USB, VGA, HDMI (for Blu-ray, computer, etc), microphone (in case you need an impromptu karaoke session between movies), and more.  It also has a built-in DVD player, and WXGA resolution up to 1280 x 800.  Overall, a great little portable machine with large capabilities.

So no matter your budget or your needs, make outdoor movie night happen and save money in the long run by skipping the movie theater – just enjoy your movies the way you like to see them, and don’t forget that popcorn!

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