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Home Theater Projector Reviews introHome theater projector reviews are a pleasure to read, informative and ultimately educational. Aside from outlining the features of a product, they also give honest assessment of how home theater projectors perform vis-a-vis each other.

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Be sure to check out reliable and reputable sources for those home theater projector reviews that you may find online. This can help you make sure you are armed with enough know-how, no matter how basic, before you trudge to the store or pay at the check-out counter of an online store.

To make things a bit easier for you, we have come up with what we hope can be one of the most trustworthy home theater projector reviews this side of the world wide web.

Best Low-Cost Projector with High Brightness

Home Theater Projector Reviews 1The InFocus IN112 Projector is compact and lightweight, making it quite easy to move around and set-up. It has one of the longest-lasting lamps in the market today and comes with an affordable price that’s definitely hard to beat. With no filters to replace, the InFocus IN112 Portable DLP Projector is practical and worth all the savings from the get-go. Why?

You can save money on whatever energy you save through this product’s eco-mode, which is an energy-saving setting that makes the projector perfect for low ambient lighting. The average life of the lamp extends to 6,000 hours in Eco-Mode and 5,000 hours in normal mode. It weighs just 4.6 pounds and measures 2.7 inches tall, pretty compact for all that projecting power. The 5-year limited warranty and 2-year full warranty on parts and labor pretty much cover the practicality aspect of buying this product.

You can get brilliant images rendered in excellent full color. The InFocus IN112 Portable DLP Projector is 3D ready and provides multiple inputs for PC technology including 2 jacks for VGA, a USB Mini input, Composite Video input, S-Video or 3.5 mm stereo input and RS232C. What can turn people off is the lack of a lens cap for storage and the initial adjustments that need to be made before this product gets to be user-ready.

Best HD Projector for Home Entertainment

Home Theater Projector Reviews 2

The Optoma HD25-LV, HD Projector delivers peerless image clarity so movie lovers and gamers can experience full entertainment at its finest. Get unsurpassed color quality with 1080p videos rendered in exact detail. Games become more exciting while images become more vibrant in color and quality, rendered in 3D glory where applicable for that immersive experience that’s quite hard to ignore.

Let your 3D Blu-ray player weave its magic with the Optoma HD25-LV, as well as other portable peripherals such as your PS3, your Xbox or other gaming consoles. All HDMI 1.4a 3D formats are supported by this fully high-def 1080p projector. The bright 3200-Ansi lumens projector is terrific for home theater applications.

There is also a powerful 20,000:1 contrast ratio that enables the Optoma HD25-LV to easily project vivid, crystal-clear images. For totally huge screen enjoyment, optimize this product’s full 301-inch screen size.The built-in stereo speaker is good at 16 watts. The built-in fan of the projector can be a bit noisy in very quiet scenes, but users do not find this a big deal to be disappointed about.

Top-Rated Projector for Business and Educational Use

Home Theater Projector Reviews 3The Epson PowerLite 1761W Projector is lightweight and mega-portable with a 720p widescreen 3LCD technology, maximum of 2600 lumens for white light output and the same lumens power for color light output. It is wireless, compatible to a large number of applications, and is very easy to set-up.

The 3LCD 3-chip technology makes it possible for the Epson PowerLite 1761W projector to deliver incredibly brighter colors. Content can be controlled effortlessly from a portable device with the revolutionary EPSON iProjection Application using the wireless LAN module. The system automatically performs vertical keystone correction and requires no cool-down time for easier shut down procedure.

It also has a Sleep Mode so you can save energy when you are not projecting anything or the Audio-visual Mute Slide is closed. Movable scenes and videos tend to be rendered sluggish or choppy at times, and this can be a negative for the Epson PowerLite 1761W Projector, along with the absence of an audio output for home theater purposes.

The best way to know if you are getting what you are looking for is to read the consumer’s reviews. These give you a good indication of what the product can and cannot do. These are some of the best projectors for home theater for you to choose.

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