Reading up on portable projector reviews can be extremely helpful to those thinking of purchasing a TV projector to beef up their home theater system, business presentations or classroom discussions.

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Portable projector reviews, the good ones at least, should show the product’s virtues and liabilities in order to be as objective as possible. It’s not only about how specific the features are, but also about how products perform for the longer term. If you make it a habit to check out portable projector reviews, you may be able to make better decisions on what you buy.


Portable Projector Reviews 1The Optoma HD131Xe boasts of being green by design because of its eco-friendly factor: it uses just a single watt of power when in standby mode, which amounts to 75% savings when taken side-by-side with normal standby modes of other such equipment. It is able to capture 3D content in superb detail via HDMI formats that include top-and-bottom, side-by-side and frame packing for facilitation of integration with external devices.

DLP technology is sure to be of cutting-edge quality with the Optoma HD131Xe’s multi-color and one-of-a-kind processing system for truly faithful contrast ratios, clean and sharp text and compelling images. Count on the device’s 1080p resolution to deliver exceptional picture quality and home theater performance via a LED light source that can last for the lifetime of the Optoma HD131Xe. Get yourself into the game or whatever movie you have on with this product’s full compatibility to 3D formats. You will love how the Optoma HD131Xe helps you limit your energy consumption via its auto-shutdown function, remote management and control.

It is made of durable, lasting materials and components, thus limiting harm to the environment. The printed circuitry boards do not contain lead and the packing materials contain no polysterene foam, both ensuring that every purchase of the product is sure to pass all Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives and standards to eradicate usage of hazardous materials. It needs to be fixed at a certain angle, however, which is a limiting factor on flexibility. The single user setting can also be a bother to tweak on a regular basis.


Portable Projector Reviews 2

The Epson V11H584220 aims to be everyone’s choice for a home theater projector. It can give 2600 lumens of color brightness and the same size of white light output.

Boosted by Epson’s 3-chip, triple LCD technology, the Epson V11H584220 is able to project true-to-life and faithful images that are as brilliant and captivating as what they represent.

Image adjustment tools are completely built-in for ready control. Hook the device up to basically anything via the HDMI connectivity. Even a blank wall can get transformed instantly to a blaze of colorful images from a streaming box, a game console, a Blu-ray player or simply anything.

Get thrice the intensity of color vividness. The built-in speakers do not deliver outstanding sonic quality, however, which might be a real letdown.


Portable Projector Reviews 3The HDMI Pocket Projector by Brookstone lets you enjoy big entertainment in a diminutive projector. It is a nearly pocket-sized projector built with powerful features. It delivers unbelievable 1080p images that can measure up to 60 inches diagonally. That’s five feet of intense, clear and crisp picture that you can get with any HDMI-compatible device such as your tablet, Smartphone, laptop or desktop PC, camera, video player or any other portable device.

The blinding LED lamp releases up to 85 lumens when charged fully at 2 hours max. Its rechargeable 3800mAh battery can also work as a USB reserve battery to power your other portable devices.

In the box is a 3-foot HDMI cable plus Mini- and Micro-HDMI adapters and an AC adapter. What can be downers for the HDMI Pocket Projector by Brookstone are the oh-too-short HDMI cable, the absence of zoom and keystones controls, lack of a remote and the focus wheel being a tad sensitive.

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